Stream Overlay

Stream overlay can be used for a variety of purposes. You may use them to add your unique branding, encourage audience participation, or simply design something that looks cool.

What Makes Up A Stream Overlay

Webcam Frames:

If you’re new to adding overlays to your broadcast, webcam frames are a good place to start. They’re generally a PNG or video file (.webm that you may use as an image or media source in your streaming program (such as OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS, or XSplit).

You may utilize a frame to bind your webcam into the broadcast and perhaps add some text or branding, rather than having it floating somewhere above your gaming or video. This may be accomplished by the use of color, as well as the positioning of text and logos.

We sometimes incorporate alert or notification events within the camera frames we build for broadcast overlays. This helps to minimize the overlay’s visual effect to a minimum.

Alert Notifications:

You’ve undoubtedly seen alert messages and widgets if you’ve viewed a stream. While labels serve as a static reminder of your most recent supporters, alerts, when applied to your stream overlay, may be dynamic. This is because sites like Streamlabs and StreamElements provide a variety of overlay element modifications and coding options.

One alert for a new contribution and another for a new Twitch subscription is possible. You may even add variants to donations exceeding a given amount or a subscriber who has been a member for a longer period of time. Sound effects may be added to each alert, giving you even another chance to personalize and wow your audience.

Support Bars:

Supporter bars, also known as stream labels, are a great way to show off who is watching your broadcast. This might take the shape of becoming the most recent follower, the most generous donor, or the most recent subscription. These can be photos or video files, much like your webcam frame. We usually keep things unobtrusive, especially when they’re animated, so they don’t distract from the main point of your material.

These may be an easy reminder to drop a follow or even subscribe with an unused Twitch Prime if utilized correctly. But keep in mind that fantastic overlays aren’t the only thing you’ll need for outstanding content!

Goal Widgets:

You may tell your audience what you’re working towards using a goal widget. Goal widgets provide a graphical aspect to your video broadcast, whether you want to reach 100 followers or pay for new streaming equipment.

We like creating objectives based on our full stream overlay sets. While a horizontal progress bar is the most common approach to depict your goals, there are other, more creative ways to do it.

Chat Box Widget: 

One of the most common widgets to include in any stream overlay is a chat widget.  We try to provide chat widgets that are extremely customisable so you can show off what your community members are talking about in style. They, like our notifications, are simple to set up and utilize practically anywhere.


If you are looking to make your stream more appealing then having adding a stream overlay to your channel is a MUST!





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